Mini Monster Gzel

  • 4 LEVEL
  • Premium model
  • Semi-wireless

Beauty Monster Black

  • 4*4 LEVEL
  • Steady popular model

Beauty Monster

  • 8*8 LEVEL
  • Standard model

About us

Mediselor co., ltd, was established in 2015, is doing its best to become the best company in the plasma, high frequency and medical thread industries. In order to actively respond to the rapid changes in the skin beauty market and create products with customer satisfaction. It has set up a research institute affiliated to the enterprise and invests in the research and development field every year. In addition, Through numerous patent-based technical know-how, we have built customer satisfaction and trust by ensuring

the durability and safety of our products. Mediselor is at the forefront of protecting human health with the highest quality in the medical industry, which has been in the limelight since the IT industry. As a runner, we will always be with our customers with challenges and passionate postures.

Beauty Monster
Plasma Academy

Professional education from Dr.cho & Dr.choi
It is recommended to take basic courses at first.
The course includes precautions during the procedure and details on the treatment pain relief.

Customer Service

We will always try to provide better service.

Business time 10:00 to 19:00.
Closed Saturday, Sunday and National holiday