Q : What is different with Beauty Monster, Beauty Monster Black and Mini Monster Gzel?


A : Beauty Monster is the first model to be released by Mediselor and is a basic model that can be easily used by beginners.

Beauty Monster Black is a model released by reducing the eight levels of the existing Beauty Monster to four levels and upgrading its wavelength and durability, and it can use various tips. 

It's used by people who are used to using Beauty Monster.

Mini Monster Gzel differs in design from Beauty Monster Black, generally has higher power and is a high-end model that can be used semi-wirelessly by connecting power to external batteries. 

It is used by experts who are familiar with Beauty Monster Black.




Q : Do you have to apply anesthetic cream when using Beauty Monster?


A : Anesthesia is not necessary but it is used for pain relieving.




Q : How often can I use the tip?


A : We recommend to use one tip for one person,since even if it doesn't touch skin, it still uses on person's skin. 

And for original, thermal and fractional tip, we recommend to wipe it thoroughly with alcohol tissue, dry and keep it in storage.

For roller tip, rub with it the a brush then wash it with water and dry it. Lastly, disinfect it.




Q : What product should I use for the procedure?


A : Any solution or serum you have. We usually use skin booster 'AFACTOR' or 'Coatderm Repair Cream' we sell.




Q : How often can I do the procedure?


A : It depends on which tips are applied to which skin to which indications.




Q : What should be done after the procedure?


A : For painful procedures, we recommend to use anesthetic cream or ice anesthesia.

For wounded procedures, we recommend to apply antibiotic ointment or anti-inflammatory ointment after the procedure. 

In case of appearing an eschar, if you remove it intentionally there can be occurred some scars.

Therefore we recommend to wait to remove it naturally. 




Q : What's the wholesale price?


A : You can inquire about wholesale through separate e-mail (ms@mediselor.com).

For transparent and reliable transactions, you must submit a company introduction and various evidence.

Also, the quantity is set according to the wholesale policy, so please refer to this.




Q : How long does it take to deliver?


A : In general, it takes 7-10 business days, but it may vary from country to region.

Recently, there are often countries that strictly restrict imports due to COVID-19, so the headquarters frequently checks them. 

※ Shipping costs may increase due to COVID-19.




Q : How can I check my tracking number?


A : We inform you through e-mail before shipping the goods. You can also check it on My Page.




Q : Why does the status keep showing as customs clearance?


A : Shipments may be delayed due to customs reasons in the country, which will remain "customs clearance". 

Customs clearance issues may arise, when the customers don't fulfill the customs duties or comply with local import regulations and so on.

For these reasons local customs will directly contact you.

If customs can not contact you, it may result in delivery delay for a long time, and in some cases customs make your items return to Korea without further notice.

For fast customs clearance, please make sure to purchase according to the import regulations of your country.

If the shipping status of items stays in the process of "customs clearance" for a long time, please contact customs directly.




Q : Can I take plasma training directly offline?


A : Of course you can. You can make an appointment with a doctor in advance and come to our office or invite them to your country to receive training, but the educator must bear all costs for the training.

Also, please note that the training fee is charged separately.

For inquiries related to offline education, please contact us via e-mail(ms@mediselor.com).




Q : How can I cancel my order?


A : Cancellations may only be requested at the stages before “Preparing for shipment” and seller approval is required at the preparing for shipping stage.
Please take note that cancellation is not possible once the shipping process has begun and is handled through the returns process.

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